passionate about problem-solving, team collaboration, and a multidisciplinary approach.

Perspective, from my business past, and energy, from the future above, have pushed me to these new horizons.

I understand UX as the way to improve the relation of users with products and services in order to design stronger, more elegant, and more successful solutions.

I want to help there.

Technology brings new horizons, and now is changing more than ever the way we perceive, participate and imagine the world.

I want to be there.

How I got here

After graduating in History in 2001, I co-founded CEHTEX SL a Consultancy Company of Archaeological, Environmental, and geophysical services in the Madrid Science Park, an incubator of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the Madrid Complutense University (UCM)

We focused on the implementation of new technologies and services in the fields we worked in.

I directed archaeological projects and coordinated funded research involving archaeology, geophysics, and biotechnology.

Ten years later I reoriented my career, looking for new ways to put my knowledge at the service of the public, and pivot to Museums. I prepared for a governmental position in National Museums for four years.

Then I decided to return to solutions development, now focusing on the digital sector where I can add my experience.

Product Design

I jumped to the Digital World at Nuclio Digital School, where I attended a Bootcamp in UX|UI Design in 2020.

I learned how Design Thinking and Lean work together for user-centered product development.

Now, I´m UX Project Mentor of new proms at Nuclio Digital School.